Pentagon closes secret part of Guantánamo Bay — but detainees remain

The New York Times reported Sunday that the US Military have closed down the "secret" section known as Camp 7 at the Guantánamo Bay facility in Cuba . According to reports, the former compound, Camp 7, was failing, so detainees were moved to Camp 5.

The Pentagon is hoping to consolidate Guantánamo Bay so that it won't require as many soldiers and staff, and thus, fewer funds. It was a plan that former President Donald Trump approved before leaving office.

Still left at Guantánamo Bay is Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, known as the man accused of being behind the Sept. 11 attacks that brought down the Twin Towers and led to the war in Afghanistan.

New President Joe Biden wants to close Guantánamo Bay, much like his predecessors. None have managed to make it happen yet.

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