Trump official gets crushed for labeling Grisham’s book ‘useless gossip’ while ‘pimping’ his own
Peter Navarro (screengrab)

Former Trump trade advisor, the hydroxychloroquine-pushing Peter Navarro is back with yet another book and to promote it he's decided to attack another White House insider, Stephanie Grisham.

Grisham's new book offers more insight into the totally dysfunctional world of the Trump White House, in which Navarro excelled.

Last year Navarro infamously attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci in an effort to push the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, at the time one of President Trump's favorite "treatments" for COVID-19, while declaring himself at least as qualified as the nation's top infectious disease specialist because he's a "social scientist." Later he attacked the Coronavirus Task Force official in charge of COVID-19 testing. Admiral Brett Giroir, again to push hydroxychloroquine.

In 2019 The New York Times reported that Navarro "frequently cited Ron Vara, a fictional source who was a critic of China, in his writings."

In other words, he made him up.

"Ron Vara has appeared as a cryptic voice of economic wisdom more than a dozen times in five of Mr. Navarro's 13 books," The Times reported, noting, "Ron Vara, it turns out, does not exist."

Tuesday night Navarro took to Twitter, accusing The New York Times and Times reporter Maggie Haberman of "pimping," while writing the book "appears to [be] useless gossip," all in an effort to push his own book, which unlike Grisham's is an ode to Trump.

He's getting dragged for his self-promoting efforts.