'Being beaten by Trump fans!' MSNBC host schools Peter Navarro about Capitol police on Jan. 6
Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy and national Defense Production Act policy coordinator Peter Navarro (screengrab)

Peter Navarro, who served as a trade adviser for former president Donald Trump, unsuccessfully tried to downplay the violence committed by Jan. 6 rioters on Friday.

After showing a clip of Trump calling the protesters "peaceful," MSNBC host Ari Melber asked Navarro: "He falsely says they were peaceful. ... Do you acknowledge they were not?"

"Look, I ran the Mall that day," Navarro responded. "It's all in my 'In Trump Time' book. I saw nothing but peaceful people walking along up to that Capitol. I did not personally observe storming the gates—"

"But you've seen it on tape," Melber responded, cutting off Navarro. "You know what happened. You know Donald Trump lied about it. I just played him lying about it."

"Where were the Capitol Hill police," Navarro said. "Where was the Pentagon and the National Guard?"

"The Capitol police were being beaten and attacked by Trump fans," Melber explained. "I think you know that."

Watch the clip as well as Navarro's full interview below.