Philadelphia cops demanding to be paid extra money to wear body cameras
A viral video has emerged of a retired Miami-Dade police homicide stenographer screaming profanities at a parked SUV outside a Boca Raton Chinese restaurant Tuesday night, February 2, 2021. - Dreamstime/TNS

On Tuesday, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that a powerful Philadelphia police union is demanding that its officers be paid bonuses for wearing body cameras on duty.

According to the report, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 wants police to receive a 5 percent "accountability bonus" for wearing cameras. They are also demanding an extra 5 percent bonus for officers who live within city limits.

"The city has proposed its own contract changes, including a push to require officers live in the city; rules limiting back pay or reinstatement for officers who are fired or disciplined; and a new performance management system," reported Samantha Melamed. "One notable change would bar arbitrators from overturning discipline for 'proven' misconduct. Another would permit the department to freely transfer anyone who can no longer fulfill police duties, or demote them to a civilian post. And still, another would let the department unilaterally set procedures for the board that handles police discipline."

Body cameras are promoted as a means of reducing the use of force, although studies have found mixed results as to their effectiveness, particularly in departments where officers have the ability to switch cameras on and off at their own discretion.