Piers Morgan tells Trump, Jr. who his dad should fire 'if he wants any chance of winning again'

British television personality Piers Morgan voiced his disappointment in Donald Trump's political team as he feuded with team Trump on Twitter.

When Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich criticized Morgan's ratings, the British broadcaster was surprised Budowich was still employed.

"Taylor, you can’t still be in a job - surely? The world’s worst communications director who masterminded the interview that most annoyed his boss? Donald Trump must be losing his edge - I’d have fired you the moment our promo landed!" he wrote.

After trading barbs, Morgan said he played Budowich, "like a cheap viola."

Longtime Trump aide Boris Epshteyn said Morgan was "a sad has-been?"

"Who are you?" Morgan responded.

"I got a great interview with President Trump, and the fact all you clowns around him threw your toys out of the stroller made it even better. If he wants any chance of winning again, he should fire all of you," he wrote.

He carbon-copied Donald Trump, Jr. on the tweet.