Black man left paralyzed after Texas cops slammed him onto concrete: lawsuit

Christopher Shaw, 41, was allegedly grabbed and slammed on to the concrete by police officers in a jail in Beaumont, Texas, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down, The Guardian reports.

A lawsuit filed by Shaw's lawyers last month says he was arrested on June 12, 2021 over misdemeanor public intoxication charges after Beaumont police officer James Gillen found him standing in the middle of a roadway, “in need of medical assistance." After being taken to the hospital, he was taken to Jefferson County Correctional Facility in Beaumont where he was restrained for “noncompliance."

“Before entering the facility, Mr Shaw slightly turned his body. Defendant Gillen responded by attempting to slam Mr Shaw to the concrete platform at the rear entrance of the facility,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit alleges he landed on his head and fractured his spine in multiple places.

"When he asked for help from jail staff and employees, they refused to help him," the lawsuit alleges. "When Shaw asked one nurse for help, she allegedly replied, 'I won’t help you until you help yourself.'"

Shaw, who is Black, was allegedly left alone in his jail cell for approximately 20 hours before he received medical attention. While he was left alone in his cell, he “defecated and urinated on himself multiple times due to his inability to control his bowels and kidney function,” the lawsuit said. Ultimately, an ambulance took him to the hospital again where he underwent surgery.

“Mr Shaw clearly showed signs of paralysis. Specifically, Mr Shaw was not ambulant. Mr Shaw was placed in a wheelchair and, with the assistance of another officer, Mr Shaw was wheeled back into JCCF. Mr Shaw was unable to control his lower extremities,” the lawsuit said.

Shaw’s attorneys and civil rights advocate are working to release security video of the incident.

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