Kentucky cop accused of slamming pregnant woman to the ground after she allegedly resisted arrest during traffic stop

Elayshia Boey was pulled over earlier this year by McCracken County police in Kentucky for a broken taillight. But during the traffic stop, Boey, a 24-year-old pregnant woman, was "face-planted" into a cruiser and pinned to the ground by a sheriff's deputy, "with his knee planted in her back, crushing her, and her unborn child, beneath his full weight," WDRB reports.

Even though she was bleeding from her head, Deputy Jon Hayden is accused of taking her to jail instead of the hospital. Hayden only finally took her the hospital after a jail nurse refused to admit her due to her injuries and the fact that she was pregnant.

"He certainly didn't try to deescalate the situation at all," Boey's attorney James Russell said. "A taillight started this situation and it ended with a pregnant young woman being face-planted into a vehicle. Obviously, something along the way there went drastically wrong."

According to McCracken County Sheriff Ryan Norman, Hayden was investigated "and there was no policies or procedures that were found to be violated."

Police say both Boey and her mother, Vanessa Jenkins, became "verbally aggressive" as soon as the deputy approached them.

"While speaking with Boey, she was placing red tape over her taillight," according to her arrest citation. "I explained to Boey that this would not be sufficient. Boey then became more verbally aggressive."

Hayden accused Boey of resisting and then said Jenkins grabbed him to prevent him from arresting Boey.

"After a brief physical struggle, Boey was then placed on the ground by physical force to gain control and compliance," according to the arrest citation. "He shoved Jenkins off him, and she fell to the ground."

Boey and Jenkins were both charged with felony assault of a police officer, as well as other charges.

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Kentucky police officer slams pregnant woman to ground after traffic stop for broken taillight