Georgia Black man seen attacked by police dog in brutal video is suing the cops
Police at shooting scene (Zoran Karapancev /

A man from suburban Atlanta who was attacked by a police dog at an arrest at his home will soon be turning the tables, his lawyers say.

Travis Moya, 37, of Alpharetta, GA, learned today that Fulton County District Attorney’s office said that he was not to be prosecuted for charges of resisting arrest for an incident at his home on July 25, 2021, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported today.

“Senior District Attorney Melissa Roth said in a court filing dated June 2 that after reviewing police bodycam video “the state believes a jury would find insufficient evidence to support a finding of guilt,” against Moya, it was reported.

“Moya’s attorney Chris Stewart said the law firm plans to file a civil lawsuit against the Alpharetta Police department. Stewart has said Moya was experiencing a mental health crisis when his stepson called 911 last July. The attorney says police used excessive force resulting in a concussion and multiple dog bite wounds,” the paper reported.

Police had been called to Moya’s home when he reportedly was having a mental health crisis. Here’s how Atlanta’s CBS affiliate 46 News described the situation today.

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“Moya and his wife Kami say they still suffer from physical and emotional distress from that day back in late July of last year. Kami calls it the worst day of her family’s life,” the station reported.

“Our kids are at the door. The dogs barking, officers are yelling,” said Kami Moya.

It added, “An unarmed and handcuffed Travis could be seen and heard in police body camera footage begging the officers to get the dog off him.

“I’m lying on the ground. My neck is right next to my shoulder. I don’t know whatever could happen,” said Travis. “But I definitely believe it could have been dealt with a whole lot better.”

“On that day, Travis was eventually taken into custody and charged with felony obstruction, along with a slew of other charges.

“We all saw from the video that Mr. Moya didn’t do a single thing in order to be charged,” said L. Chris Stewart, the Moya’s’ attorney.

Nearly a year after that brutal attack, Fulton County dismissed all charges against Travis. His attorneys say they plan to file a lawsuit next month against the Alpharetta Police Department. They claim the dog has a history of violence.

“We have also discovered that not only was Mr. Moya unfairly attacked, but the night before the same canine was let loose on another individual,” said Stewart.

Here’s the video posted by the Journal-Constitution in which Moya is begging police to “get this dog off me, please!”