Pittsburgh police discovered posting in a private Facebook group calling Black Lives Matter 'terrorists'

Police were discovered posting racist and hateful things in a private Facebook group called the Pittsburgh Area Police Breakroom, the Associated Press reported Monday.

The officers were the most critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, attacking anyone who "took a knee" in solidarity and calling those complaining about police brutality "terrorists" or "thugs."

"They made transphobic posts and bullied members who supported anti-police brutality protesters or Joe Biden in a forum billed as a place officers can 'decompress, rant, share ideas,'" said the AP.

An analysis of the page revealed that most comments were related to the difficulty of being a police and memorials for officers who died. The four-year-old group was also flooded with memes supporting President Donald Trump.

"In June, Tim Huschak, a corporal at the Borough of Lincoln Police Department, posted a screenshot of an Allegheny County 911 dispatcher's Facebook page indicating that the phrase 'Blue Lives Matter' used by law enforcement supporters is not equivalent to the slogan 'Black Lives Matter' because policing is a choice, not a fact of birth. He wrote: 'Many negative posts on police. And we should trust her with our lives???'" the report also said.

"Multiple officers should call and report it. Remember NO JUSTICE NO PEACE LOL," West Mifflin Borough Police Department officer Tommy Trieu said using his Facebook name, Tommy Bear.

Trieu was among the West Mifflin officers who responded to a call about a fight on a school bus in 2020. He was filmed restraining a 15-year-old Black teen, prompting calls from activists that the officers be fired. The police borough claimed the video only began after the student hit him first, thus the officers "did nothing wrong" with their response.

Read the full report at the Associated Press, which details even more shocking posts from officers on the Facebook group.