Arizona police recruits trained by watching video of cop shooting protester in the groin: report
Phoenix Police on Facebook.

The scandal over Arizona police celebrating a protester being shot in the groin expanded on Wednesday.

"Phoenix Regional Police Academy recruits from multiple departments were shown video of a protester being hit in the groin along with the hate-speech-inspired image used to commemorate the shot, according to a person in attendance," ABC 15 reported Wednesday. "The source also said Officer Christopher Turiano, who fired the gas canister at the protester, was brought into a training room to address the academy class in early 2018."

Reporter Dave Biscobing has been on the story from the beginning.

“[It was] very celebratory,” the source said. “Recruits are kind of molded, which is why I think it was a bit of an issue… It was not only a justified use of force but a celebrated use of force. Something to look up to.”

The latest report came one day after Biscobing reported that the U.S. Department of Justice "has interviewed the citizen mockingly depicted in a hate-speech-inspired challenge coin that was shared, sold, and traded by Phoenix police officers to celebrate the department’s violence against the protester."

The shooting occurred following a Trump rally. The challenge coin featured the phrase "Make America Great Again."