North Carolina cop 'accidentally' shot his own son in the head: police
Police Tape (AFP)

A 15-year-old boy is facing life-threatening injuries after he was accidentally shot in the head by his father, a police officer in Onslow County, North Carolina.

Local news station Fox 4 reports that the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office this week released the results of a preliminary investigation into the shooting, which it said was accidental.

The office has yet to identify the officer involved in the shooting, although they did say that the son remains in the hospital where he is still receiving treatment for his injuries.

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There is no word yet on whether any charges will be filed against the officer, although District Attorney Ernie Lee tells Fox 4 that he's aware of the investigation, while also describing the shooting as a "tragic event."

"Accidental shootings by law enforcement have happened in recent years at agencies small and large and at all levels — city, county, state and federal — across the U.S.," writes Fox 4 "They’ve caused hundreds of injuries to officers, suspects and bystanders, and sometimes they’ve caused deaths."