'Political dead man walking' Ron Johnson could still be re-elected -- here's how
Ron Johnson speaks to CNN (screen grab)

In a column for the Bulwark, conservative pundit Charlie Sykes first apologized for being responsible for launching the career of Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and then predicted he stands a good chance of being re-elected in November despite being "politically a dead man walking."

As Sykes first notes, he goes back quite a way with Johnson -- praising one of his speeches on his radio show -- which led to the newly elected senator to tell an interviewer, "The reason I’m a U.S. senator is because Charlie Sykes did that.”

After offering his abject apologies and claiming, "I like to think I knew him in the Time Before he went batshit crazy," Sykes made his "dead man Walking" reference before admitting the conspiracy-spewing lawmaker may be hard to get rid of.

"In a rational world, RonAnon would be a political dead man walking, and indeed, pundits immediately proclaimed him the most vulnerable Republican on the ballot. His poll numbers are abysmal," the columnist wrote, providing a graph showing Johnson favorable numbers resting at 36% and unfavorables at 42%.

With that stated, Sykes wrote that Johnson fortunately finds himself running for a third term at a fortuitous time for extremists.

'Here we are, and it gives me no pleasure to inform you that despite it all, Ronjon has to be considered the favorite for three reasons: (1) the national political environment, (2) the track record of 'out-party' incumbents in midterm elections in Wisconsin, and (3) the very real chance that Democrats will nominate a weak (read 'unelectable') challenger," he wrote.

Adding, "But these are not normal times, and RonJon has not been a normal senator. His extraordinary devolution scrambles normal political calculations," Sykes pointed out the weaknesses of his potential opponents and noted that --for all of Johnson's baggage after tying himself to Donald Trump -- one top potential opponent, State Treasurer Sarah Godlew­ski only leads him by two points in the latest polling while another Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes trails him 50-47.

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