‘White lives matter more!’ Vandals wreck Oregon man’s fence over ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner

Racist vandals defaced an Oregon man's fence over his "Black Lives Matter" banner.

Robert Signer returned from work to his Portland home to find that vandals had spray-painted a white supremacist response to his civil rights banner: "But white lives matter more," reported KOIN-TV.

"My first thought is that is terrible," said Signer, who is white. "It's a terrible thing for people to say."

Signer immediately sanded the racist message off his fence because he doesn't want anyone in his mostly white Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood to feel uneasy.

"No one should feel unsafe in their neighborhood," he said.

Signer said his neighbors have been supportive, and he plans to get an even larger "Black Lives Matter" sign.