'I see a civil war coming': Trump supporter rages at government before Des Moines rally
MSNBC screenshot

Speaking with an NBC correspondent prior to Donald Trump's rally in Des Moines on Saturday, one attendee raged at Democrats and Republicans alike and bluntly stated she sees violence -- once again -- on the horizon.

Speaking with NBC's Gary Grumbach before the rally began, Lori Levi -- a pro-Trump merchandise vendor who travels from rally to rally -- started off by stating, "I think the Republicans are about as weak as they possibly could be in Congress."

"You have maybe six that are worth their salt," she continued. " [Republican Senators] Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and two or three others, the rest of them are just the same as the Democrats. they've been there too long. They're establishment. They don't care about the American people because they're in their elite little tower."

"So we're just sick of it, you know, and we're not going to take it anymore," she continued. "I see a civil war coming -- I do. I see civil war coming."

"A civil war coming, that's what she said and that is a sentiment that we are hearing people here on the ground at today's Trump rally" Grumbach repeated for MSNBC host Alex Witt.

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