Congress should seek Trump's call logs with the military leaders during MAGA riot: Former CIA analyst

On Friday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," former CIA analyst Philip Mudd broke down the key documents that Congress should demand from the White House to understand former President Donald Trump's actions on January 6.

"If you could get your hands on the White House call logs, for example, for that day, what would you be looking for?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"I'd be looking for two things, in particular the call logs on contacts with the Congress and whether there are more extensive, I mean contacts with more congresspersons who have spoken than we know now," said Mudd. "In the second, I would be more interested in contacts with the Department of Defense, which, as you know, was involved in delaying decisions in deploying the National Guard to the Capitol grounds. The question is, when do those calls start, what were the frequency of calls, who made those calls, who received those calls?"

Mudd explained that getting the call logs would not reveal the contents of Trump's conversations with military leaders, but they would provide a handy list of subpoena targets for congressional investigators.

"I want to know who called whom and when, and then the persons who received the calls in the Congress and in the Pentagon, they come down with a subpoena and they answer questions, what was that call about, and what did the president or his people say?" he explained. "That's what I want to know, Wolf."

Watch below:

Philip Mudd says Congress needs call logs between Trump and the Pentagon