'Kraken' lawyers attempt to avoid sanctions by citing Trump's claim of election fraud: report
Sidney Powell. (Screen capture)

According to a report from Forbes, lawyers who brought lawsuits attacking the 2020 presidential election results in Michigan by alleging voter fraud are attempting to use Donald Trump's words to avoid sanctions.

On the evening before House select committee opens hearings into the Jan 6th Capitol riot that was inspired by accusations that the election was stolen from Trump, the so-called "Kraken" attorneys, including one-time Trump attorney Sidney Powell, made a new filing.

According to the report, the attorney representing the lawyers, Donald Campbell, asserted that, because Donald Trump also made election fraud claims, the attorneys were within their rights to make the same claims.

Forbes reporter Alison Durkee wrote, "Donald Campbell used Trump's allegations of voter fraud to hit back against the argument that the lawyers should be sanctioned for not doing their 'due diligence' to ensure their affidavits supposedly demonstrating widespread voter fraud were factually accurate."

"The Attorneys are not the only individuals who viewed these affidavits as evidence of serious fraud," Campbell wrote before adding that "members of two branches of government, including then-president Trump, also 'were insisting that there was massive voter fraud.'"

Campbell further argued that "'millions' of Americans believed the voter fraud claims and 'believed that their president would not intentionally mislead them.'"

"Of course, attorneys should look beyond their prejudices and political beliefs, and view evidence with a level of professional skepticism. But no one is immune to confirmation bias," Campbell wrote. "The attorneys didn't just have suspicions based merely on their own beliefs. They had evidence that those working at the highest levels of the United States government shared their suspicions. That context makes this case exceptional—and it is a reason for the Court to deny their defendants' and intervenors' requests for sanctions."

The report goes on to add that "Powell and the other lawyers have called for the court to hold an additional evidentiary hearing before the judge [ U.S. District Judge Linda Parker] rules on sanctions, but Parker has not yet said whether she'll honor that request."

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