Former cop linked to Proud Boys sues city after being fired -- and swears he's 'not racist'

A former police officer from Fresno, California, who was fired for his associations with the far-right group Proud Boys, is now suing the city, ABC30 reports.

Rick Fitzgerald was fired in April after an investigation was conducted by Fresno Police Department, but according to his lawsuit, the department did not follow due process in his firing by not giving him a chance to review the materials based on which he was fired or to participate in a hearing regarding the matter.

He also claimed he was not an active member of the group when he was seen attending a protest where members of the group were present.

"Fitzgerald had not been member of Proud Boys since approximately November 2020. Proud Boys was not racist organization. Fitzgerald is not racist. Fitzgerald is Hispanic. Proud Boys was multi-racial organization," the lawsuit states.

Watch ABC30's report on the story below: