'I'm coming for you bro!' Video shows Proud Boy having a meltdown as he gets booted from local GOP group
(Screenshot via YouTube.com)

An online meeting for California's Sacramento County Republicans grew heated after a member of the Proud Boys was expelled from party's central committee, the Sacramento Bee reports.

"I'm going to be bringing a case against you people for violating my civil rights," Jeffrey Perrine said during a Zoom meeting Wednesday before a vote was held to expel him. "I will be presenting you with paperwork and I (will) sue you in federal court for violating my civil rights."

In the video uploaded to YouTube by Perrine, he says that he told county Chairwoman Betsy Mahan as far back as 2018 that he was a member of the far-right group. He went on to say that some of his past actions and statements that have been posted online were "immature" and that he's grown since then.

"I was 34 years old, I was a complete moron," Perrine said. "If you had social media when you were my age I can guarantee there are things out there that you would not be happy about."

"I was not arrested. I am not a felon. I don't have an arrest record, so nothing I did was criminal," he added.

According to the Bee, Perrine was caught on video in Portland, Oregon, three years ago using a bullhorn to say, "all the illegals trying to jump over our border, we should be smashing their heads into the concrete."

Mahan says she made the decision to remove Perrine after she read a January interview with the Bee where he said that he was still a member of the group.

"I was shocked to see quotes from Jeffrey confirming he was still with the Proud Boys, contrary to what he had told me," Mahan said.

The meeting took on a more aggressive tone when committee member Micah Grant accused Perrine of using language that "is beneath the standards of our committee."

"The media didn't make you say those things," Grant said. "You said those things, you did that on your own."

"My mom came to this country and was amnestied under Ronald Reagan," Grant continued. "So these type of comments aren't consistent with everything the GOP represents, and in the weeks following your statements further videos have surfaced that demonstrate your inflammatory talk..."

Perrine then fired back, seemingly threatening Grant.

"I'm coming for you, bro, I'm coming for you," Perrine replied, who then pointed at the camera and gave Grant a thumbs down.

Watch the video below: