QAnon-cozy GOP lawmaker stripped of his lone staffer by Wisconsin's Republican Assembly speaker
Wisconsin State Representative Robin Vos on Facebook.

The Republican leader of the Wisconsin Assembly today sanctioned “the most vocal denier of the 2020 election” as allegations regarding the aftermath of that election continue to swirl in the state, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

“Assembly Speaker Robin Vos stripped Rep. Timothy Ramthun of Campbellsport of his lone staffer after Ramthun falsely accused Vos of signing a deal with attorneys for former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to authorize ballot drop boxes, according to Vos's office,” the report said.

“The move underscores the tension between Vos and members of his caucus who do not believe Vos is doing enough to litigate the outcome of the 2020 election, despite the ongoing taxpayer-funded election review Vos authorized in 2021.”

Vos is under fire himself for hiring controversial former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman -- a noted Trump conspiracy hunter -- to oversee the “audit” with a $676,000 budget of taxpayer funds. He was deposed last week by the watchdog group American Oversight.

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As for Ramthun, the Journal Sentinel reported that “he proposed a resolution on Tuesday that would "reclaim" the state's 10 Wisconsin electoral votes, which the Legislature's own attorneys has determined to be impossible. In a taped statement, Ramthun also called on the public to demand lawmakers take action on the resolution.

“Ramthun has long called for lawmakers to move to overturn the election results despite there being no mechanism to do so and has largely been ignored by legislative leaders, with Vos once dismissing it as a "talking point of the far left and far right."

Not mentioned in today’s report -- but widely cited previously-- is Ramthun’s own “cozy relationship” with QAnon, as documented by the digital publication UpNorthNews.

“Ramthun appeared on a show dedicated to QAnon, according to the media watchdog group Media Matters for America, and repeatedly made false claims about the election while calling for a review process similar to Arizona’s,” the website reported. And this:

“In a video titled “The Calm Before the Storm”—a phrase frequently used by QAnon—Ramthun acknowledges an effort to raise private donations to continue questioning last November’s presidential election results even though he and other Wisconsin Republicans have attacked the way private donations were used to assist local election efforts last year.”

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Ramthun’s “The Calm Before the Storm” reference had elicited a sharp response from Wisconsin Democrats, which the Journal Sentinel reported last August:

“Assembly Democratic Leader Gordon Hintz of Oshkosh called Ramthun’s efforts an attack on democracy and said he was troubled by his allusions to QAnon.

"I think it’s the kind of thing that should give most people in Wisconsin chills," he said. "If you are embracing those ideas to start with, boy, I mean, this cancer has spread a lot further than we thought."

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