Enraged white woman caught on video repeatedly calling Black hotel clerk the N-word -- now she's facing criminal charges

A New Jersey woman was caught on video going off on a racist rant against a Black hotel worker, and now she's facing criminal charges, the Daily Dot reports.

According to police, Elizabeth Trzeciak was staying at neighboring hotel but walked into the Super 8 while intoxicated and confronted the hotel clerk, who is Black.

In the video taken by the clerk, Trzeciak repeatedly calls him a "Black man" and the N-word. At one point, she offers him $300 after demanding he give her a call.

"No one f*cking wants to look at you," she taunts.

"You know what your name is?" she asks before responding to her own question with the N-word.

In a statement from the Mount Laurel Police Department, action was taken when the clerk showed them the video.

"Based on the evidence from the video and again interviewing the victim, Ms. Trzeciak was charged with bias intimidation, assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct," the department stated.

Watch the video below: