Florida boater who kept screaming the N-word finally caught after evading police for weeks

Last month in Green Cove Springs, Florida, police received reports of a white man riding around in a small boat near the pier and yelling slurs at Black people. Now, according to News4JAX, the man has been arrested.

The 54-year-old man was reportedly yelling "F***ing n***er" at Black residents from his boat over a three-day span back in August. After a warrant was issued for his arrest, he was arrested on Saturday morning and charged with trespassing and breach of peace/disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors.

The man was spotted this weekend in a black dingy while he was traveling to a boat that was parked just off the pier.

"Thank you to the Clay County Sheriff's Office's Marine Unit for apprehending him for us today. The City, and County, will not tolerate this uncalled for and uncivilized behavior," the police department wrote.