Fight breaks out in Florida school after video shows white students spewing racial slurs and wearing KKK-style sheet

Parents at a Florida high school this week were outraged after a video started circulating on social media platform Snap Chat showing two white students spewing racial slurs while one of them wore a KKK-style white sheet.

News4Jax reports that video of the two white students had been filmed over the summer, but was uploaded this week and sent over Snap Chat to several of the Black students who attend the Yulee High School in Nassau County.

The school said that the video "resulted in a physical altercation involving several students" and added that "disciplinary actions consistent with the district's code of conduct have been given to students involved in the altercation and in sending the Snap Chat video."

One parent, who asked not to be identified, told News4Jax that they were sickened by the video and they criticized the school for suspending Black students who apparently took part in the altercation.

"It's disgusting," they said. "The fact that this kid that made this vile, nasty, distasteful video is still walking around campus while you have kids who confronted him to defend themselves are sitting at home is two-thirds of the problem."

Parent Melissa Ricks, whose child was one of those suspended, told News4Jax that "this is an issue of outward racism in our school that's not being brought awareness to."

Watch News4Jax's report below.

Parents, students furious over video of Nassau County kids using racial slurs, wearing white hood