County meeting goes off the rails as man dressed as the Lone Ranger rants in defense of the N-word
(Screenshot via News9)

A man calling himself the "Lone Ranger" showed up for the second time and, again, used a racial slur in front of the Walker County Commission meeting in Georgia. This time, however, he was asked to leave, News9 reports.

In January, Ray Burnfin showed up to the meeting wearing a cowboy hat and mask and used the public comment period to defend the use of racial slurs and the Confederate flag. He also said the N-word aloud at the meeting.

Burnfin was allowed to get away with it the first time around, with the commissioners explaining the next day that didn't reprimand him out of shock. But this Thursday, as Burnfin took the podium armed with books which he said explain "what racism actually is," adding that the N-word is in the dictionary, commissioners cut him short and told that his time was up.

Cutting Burnfin off was likely due to new rules that say commenters will refrain from "remarks that are lewd, vulgar, obscene or profane."

According to Burnfin's son who spoke to News9, he has a history of mental illness.

Watch the video below. The relevant portion begins at around 16:18: