WATCH: NJ commuter has a violent and racist meltdown after conductor ‘kindly’ asks him to wear a mask

Cellphone video taken on a New Jersey Transit train shows a commuter racially abusing a conductor before he allegedly assaulted him, the Daily Voice reports.

The person who filed the video, identified as Kore James, said he stopped filming and tried to intervene when the confrontation turned physical.

"The conductor that was punching holes in tickets was coming around checking everyone's ticket," James said. "The gentleman didn't have a mask on and the conductor asked him kindly to please put a mask on."

The commuter, identified by the Daily Voice as 30-year-old Thomas Vitulano, "immediately started a verbal argument" with the conductor, James said.

"They started going back and forth, back and forth, and eventually it became physical," James said. "That's when I cut the video and ran down and put the man in a restraint to get him off of the conductor."

James said he took Vitulano to the ground, and then "stayed on top of him" while he called police.

Watch video of the incident below:

Man attacks train conductor on New Jersey Transit train.