Vile racist death threats led the FBI to a student loan scamming operation: report

According to an excellent report by the Daily Beast's Justin Rohrlich, a Colorado man who had been ripping off student loan holders was taken into custody by the FBI for wire fraud and money laundering because he launched a series of racist attacks and death threats against a woman working at a bank after she told him his account had been suspended.

Based on documents the FBI posted online, Jalon Carlos Torres was arrested after FBI agents showed up at his Colorado Springs home with a warrant related to cyberstalking, only to have agents discover his student loan criminal enterprise.

What set in motion the arrest of Torres was a campaign he waged against an unidentified fraud investigator at a local bank who called him up to inform him about suspicions she had about his checking account

The furious Torres demanded the woman's last name -- which she refused to give -- but he still managed to not only get her personal cell phone number but also the number of her husband which led to both phones being flooded with racist texts and death threats,

According to Rohrlich, "On July 16, the feds say, Torres sent at least six text messages to the husband from different phone numbers and area codes. One read: 'PICKUP [sic] THE PHONE [N-WORD] I GOT SOMETHING YOUR [sic] GONNA WANNA HEAR!'" with the journalist adding, "A minute later, a second text came in, which included the couple's home address. A minute after that, a third arrived. 'F*CK U [N-WORDS],' it said. Three more texts immediately followed, with photographs of the bank employee, her husband, and various relatives of theirs. 'UGLY F*CKING COUPLE,' said one, which accompanied a picture of the bank employee and her husband. 'ILL [sic] F*CK THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE,' said another, which was attached to a photo of three female relatives of the bank employee's husband. Shortly after midnight, the husband received yet another threatening text, which followed a series of pornographic images. 'BLACK DICKS MATTER,' the text said. 'F*CK BLACK LIVES MATTER!!' said another one sent 13 minutes later. 'THESE DUMB [N-WORDS]!'"

According to the report, the bank provided personal security for their employee and her family before referring the matter to the FBI.

The Beast report notes that Torres, after he was taken into custody, has been accused of preying on people swamped by student loan payments after he pitched the services of his "Student Resolution Center" to them.

"Torres allegedly cold-called debtors to get them to enlist the Student Resolution Center's services, which he claimed would 'reduce or eliminate' their student loans after a few small payments," Rohrlich wrote. "The unsuspecting clients would then sign contracts that contained personal information such as names, addresses, bank account numbers, and so forth. Torres would then print bogus checks with the victims' account information and deposit them into various accounts he controlled, prosecutors allege."

When the FBI showed up at his home on the cyberstalking charges he wasn't home, but his girlfriend was and agents "found a check printer, a telephone voice changer, check stock, bank records from multiple institutions, a telephone script, multiple hard drives, and ID cards not associated with anyone living in the house."

Damning information against Torres was also found on his girlfriend's phone where he instructed her on how to deposit checks so banks would not uncover his scheme, with the report stating that he is accused of ripping off student loan holders of "roughly $50,000 a year."

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