Hammer-wielding woman's racist harassment of neighbors caught on viral video
A woman's arm holding a hammer (Shutterstock)

Fatima Suarez says a stranger broke into her parents’ home with a hammer and then began repeatedly harassing them at their St. Louis home and sending them racist threats, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports.

Suarez could not get police to do anything until a video of the incident captured by the family’s Ring doorbell went viral Tuesday on TikTok. It was then discovered that a warrant for the woman’s arrest had sat unresolved for more than a year in a drop-off box at the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office containing warrants for nonviolent crimes.

“It’s just crazy how it took this for it to be important for them,” said Suarez. “If the video hadn’t gone viral. I guess it would have just still been put on the side.”

The video shows a white woman beating the door of Suarez’s parents’ home with a hammer while making racist threats.

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“You’re illegals living here,” the woman says in the video. “Get out. You’re a bunch of illegals. You don’t belong on American property ... show me some illegal paper ‘cause I know you didn’t buy this house. You don’t have enough money.”

It the first of at least six times the woman harassed the family at the home after being arrested three times.

Suarez said her parents were afraid to speak publicly because the woman harassing them hadn’t yet seen their faces.

“They don’t feel comfortable to even open up the windows or the curtain,” Suarez said.

Watch the video below or at this link:


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