New Hampshire woman charged over threat to kneel on Black child's neck in racially-motivated incident
Sad black boy (Shuttersock)

According to a report from Law & Crime, a New Hampshire woman is on the receiving end of a civil rights complaint after she allegedly called a nine-year-old Black child a racial slur before threatening to kneel on his neck after he got in a tussle with her son.

The report, states that "New Hampshire Attorney General John M. Formella announced that his office had filed an enforcement action against Kristina Graper, 51, of Dover for violating the state's Civil Rights Act."

According to the report, the incident happened back on May 10, when the unnamed Black child (described in the charging documents as "D.H.") was pushed by Graper's son resulting in the breaking of a toy which led to her son to run home to tell her what had happened.

The report states that Garber "was motivated by race when she threatened a nine-year-old Black child by calling him a 'n****r' and telling him she would 'kneel on his neck.'"

According to Formella, "[The boy's] race motivated the defendant's threat. The very nature of the defendant's threat invoked [the boy's] race as the threat was a reference to the widely-publicized murder of George Floyd. The defendant's use of racial slurs directed at [the boy] further evidenced the racial motivation for the defendant's threat."

The report adds, "When she met with them [the Black child's family] on June 1, Graper denied saying she would kneel on the boy's neck, but instead said words to the effect of, 'you wonder why you guys get (expletive) kneeled on,' according to the complaint."

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