Raleigh detective fired after allegedly planting heroin on a group of Black men

A detective with the Raleigh Police Department in North Carolina has been fired after he allegedly planted heroin on a group of Black men, CBS17 reports.

Officer Omar Abdullah "was terminated from the Raleigh Police Department on Oct. 28, 2021," Raleigh police said in a statement on Monday.

Abdullah, along with the city of Raleigh, were sued for allegedly planting the heroin on the men and then charging them of drug trafficking. The subjects faced over seven years in prison over the false charges, and spent two years in jail before the charges were dismissed.

The case was settled for $2 million.

"I think for advocates, we've always wanted this," police reform advocate Kimberly Muktarian told ABC11. "This is something we dreamt of. So for them, I still believe that -- this is not a reality that they commonly see."

But Robin Mills, whose son was arrested by Abdullah and put in jail on a $450,000 bond, said the firing is not enough.

"They did what they needed to do from a civil perspective. But now we're talking about criminal," Mills told ABC11. "And there's no way the kidnapping of over a dozen black men is not criminal."

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