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This simple graphic perfectly explains how the coronavirus works on your body

Just how does COVID-19 infect your body? A superb color graphic explaining the process is available free from the Science Times section of the March 17 New York Times. The virus is so tiny that 20,000 or so fit on the head of a pin. The graphic takes up an entire page.

Trump to governors: ‘You do it’

Donald Trump told governors Monday that they should not wait for the federal government to find hospital ventilators that will be needed for the coronavirus surge, that they should find their own. Later, at a press conference, Trump said he was allowing states to act more quickly by seeking their own sources rather than delaying […]

Trump creditor woes

Coronavirus is panicking Wall Street, but it’s got investors in Donald Trump’s second biggest creditor terrified. They should be. Their entire investment may be flushed down the financial toilet if Trump can’t pay his debts on his heavily leveraged golf resorts, hotels and restaurants. Shares of the little, and little known, Ladder Capital (LADR) closed […]

Test numbers a mystery

In turning over production and distribution of testing kits to private contractors, there was still no provision for reporting about how many tests are being distributed or actually given. There are no requirements that private labs feed that information to the Centers of Disease Control. It may be that CVS or Walmart will know how many […]

Looks like Mitch McConnell fears catching a coronavirus-related condition – losing his job to a blue wave in November

McConnell has been caught personally soliciting resignations from federal judges appointed by the two Bushes and Ronald Reagan. If they retire, Trump can appoint younger men and women. McConnell can then hustle their confirmation through the Senate, but only until yearend. Letting some 400 House-passed bills languish in his Capitol Hill desk will make it easier […]

BUSTED: Regulators just popped another crooked bank

For the past three years, Wells Fargo has been pilloried for having created millions of bogus accounts to extract unauthorized fees from its customers. Now it seems Wells may not have been the only financial institution to engage in this type of fraud. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, despite having been somewhat defanged by the […]

‘When is the National Day of Science?’: Trump blasted after spreading lies

President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is a more accurate reflection of his positions and beliefs than his White House press briefings. Since the very beginning of the coronavirus crisis the President has made clear he doesn’t believe it is a crisis, has worked to minimize the amount of testing that can be done, and worked […]

Now ever-feckless Trump is putting healthcare workers in grave danger

Donald Trump’s cavalier handshaking, nose-picking and other dangerous behaviors aren’t limited to himself and his circle in the time of the novel coronavirus. Team Trump is openly hostile to the health and welfare of workers on the front lines in containing the deadly COVID-19. Hospital workers, airport screeners and others aren’t just caving in like […]

Here’s how the Kushner family is cashing in on the coronavirus

The Kushner family is trying to cash in on the pandemic that could kill millions of us. Oscar Health, the health insurance company co-founded by Jared Kushner’s younger brother, announced Friday that it has launched a testing center locator for COVID-19 in the United States with more than 100 centers. The company is also offering […]

How Trump is grifting the pandemic to give the rich another big tax cut

Using the coronavirus as his excuse, Donald Trump is working to give the highest-paid American workers a valuable tax break, while tossing crumbs to the middle class and the working poor. On the night when Congress was told that between 70 million and 150 million of the 330 million of us are likely to become […]

Deadly poison used to kill weeds wreaks havoc on nearby farms

Problems with dicamba, the herbicide that tricks weeds into growing so fast they die, were found more than 50 years ago, but the EPA under Obama approved new dicamba sprays in 2016 without independent testing of how prone the herbicide was to drift to damage other fields. A jury deliberated just 30 minutes on Feb. […]

Trump regulators leave homeowners in limbo after using an obscure maneuver to let oil companies seize land

Trump energy regulators are using an obscure bureaucratic maneuver to allow pipeline companies to legally seize land and start construction while opponents to the pipelines are in legal limbo. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has used this ploy, upheld in a 1969 case, to stall opposition for decades. Under Trump, the commission, whose general counsel […]

New York weighs anti-Uber legislation — but it could spell disaster for creative workers

It seems New York State wants to follow California down a legislative path to protect Uber and Lift drivers and other “gig economy” workers by ensuring that they get benefits and employee rights. The only problem is that the California law has led to all kinds of unintended consequences for writers, musicians, dancers, artists, and […]

Gleefully ignorant Trump fiddles as health officials scramble to contain deadly coronavirus outbreak

Worried about the coronavirus? Then you’ll be frightened to learn about Donald Trump’s cheapskate budget proposals for fighting disease. His 2021 budget year plan calls for cutting 7.2% cut from the National Institutes of Health budget. That’s almost $3 billion. The good news is that the proposed spending cut would be less severe than Trump’s […]

Trump’s White House unleashes a dangerous virus of misinformation

There is no doubt that there have been U.S. government missteps on the path towards trying to control the spread of coronavirus. Of course, it is equally true that late or not, disorganized or not, appropriate actions appear to be under way now, even as the White House may be struggling to create a fully […]

Prominent Republicans mock Trump’s legal claims in Supreme Court brief — and debunk president’s ‘absolute immunity’

A Supreme Court filing lays bare the deep chasm between prominent Republicans who believe in the rule of law and wannabe president for life Donald Trump, who says he enjoys absolute immunity from any inquiry into his conduct. Trump audaciously claims that any crimes he may have committed before assuming office cannot even be investigated, […]

These 3 new court rulings are setting up a legal battle that could decide future of Trump presidency — and US democracy

We’ve had three or four seemingly contradictory court rulings this week that make it impossible to understand where the powers of the presidency and Congress legally are set – and an outright plea from the Washington D.C. Court of Appeals majority to settle it themselves and to please leave judges out of the question. But […]

This bank bilked millions of customers — but Bill Barr’s DOJ only gave it a modest wrist slap

In finally resolving its investigation of Wells Fargo for a brazen scheme to bilk customers through the creation of millions of sham fee-generating accounts, the Trump/Barr Justice Department employed some tough language but administered what amounted to a slap on the wrist. DOJ issued a press release quoting Deputy Assistant Attorney General Michael Granston as saying that […]

Trump’s face-saving coronavirus response shows he cares more about rallies than governing

You wouldn’t think that disease, particularly a communicable disease like coronavirus, would have to be shoved through the partisan political machine that we are using for most issues these days. It’s not as if one side of the nation’s divide is in favor of more disease. But the partisan tones are there, and to me, […]

Bloomberg’s 2020 chances are crumbling — and he may be accidentally helping Bernie Sanders

With a gargantuan fortune, a history of running the largest American city, and no shortage of self-confidence, Michael Bloomberg rocketed himself to become a commanding presence in the 2020 Democratic primary with a massive wave of ad spending in key states, posing a real threat to top candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. But after […]

How the coronavirus has infected Trump’s presidency — and is spreading throughout the global economy

Nobody saw this coming. Turns out it may not be Bernie, Mike, Joe, Liz, Pete—or even Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff—who bring down Donald Trump. While it’s still early, there are indications that the coronavirus is the pandemic that could torpedo, among other things, the booming economy Trump has always taken credit for and assumed […]

Trump administration kills endangered species — and there’s a $2.3 million Bill Barr connection, too

Trump’s Fish and Wildlife Service has pushed an endangered freshwater mussel closer to extinction in its efforts to placate an energy company where Attorney General Bill Barr was once on the board. Dominion Energy and Duke Energy want to route the proposed 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline through Hackers Creek in West Virginia, the site of […]

If Bloomberg is so rich, why does he steal worker wages?

Michael Bloomberg has been pummeled over the treatment of women at his media and data company. Yet that is not the only blemish on the employment record of Bloomberg L.P. The company also has a serious problem with wage theft. Violation Tracker lists $70 million in penalties paid by Bloomberg for wage and hour violations. The […]

If Bloomberg is so rich, why does he steal workers’ wages?

Michael Bloomberg has been pummeled over the treatment of women at his media and data company. Yet that is not the only blemish on the employment record of Bloomberg L.P. The company also has a serious problem with wage theft. Violation Tracker lists a total of $70 million in penalties paid by Bloomberg for wage and hour […]

Inside Trump’s purge of his enemies

It’s one thing—especially if you’re a bruising president like Donald Trump, or Richard Nixon—that you’re bound to develop enemies easily with your sharp insults and political elbowing. In fact, we had been expecting the boomerang of post-impeachment political vengeance. That’s why it was totally predictable that Trump, like Nixon, would create an enemies list. But […]

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