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Bill Barr advances Trump’s quest to establish a dictatorship as the DOJ transforms into the president’s personal protection agency

In a major step toward establishing a Trump dictatorship, the Justice Department moved Thursday to drop the criminal case against confessed felon Michael Flynn, the retired Army general and secret foreign agent who was Trump’s first national security adviser. Instead of seeking equal justice under law, an extraordinary court filing demonstrated that Trump has one […]

Homeland Security issues a startling internal alert after lockdown protester gets arrested for building pipe bombs

A Colorado man who planned to attend a “Reopen” rally in Denver on May 1 before he was arrested by the FBI for possessing pipe bombs was involved in the boogaloo movement, a far-right militia offshoot that uses cryptic pop-culture references to prepare for a future civil war. FBI agents and other law enforcement executing […]

What do they really want? Untangling the baffling demands of re-open protesters

Dear State House Protesters, Usually, I’m all in favor of protest. Far be it from me to suggest that you are fodder for some strictly rightist political campaigning, but perhaps you can set down your semi-automatic weapons for a moment. Let’s talk about what exactly you want in these continuing attempts to flaunt public health […]

Tensions start to boil over as essential workers get fed up with ‘the insane system that got us in this mess’

Friday’s impressive May Day walkouts and demonstrations involving workers at Amazon, Whole Foods, Walmart, Target and others did not amount to a general strike in the classic sense. But they should be seen as part of a wave of smaller strikes that worker advocates believe necessary before the big showdown. “Workers are starting to challenge […]

The deadly pandemic no one is talking about

The medical director of the emergency department at New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital, Dr. Lorna Breen, 49, died by suicide this week, not while she was in the thick of emergency work in the nation’s epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic but afterward, while she was staying at her family home. She recounted to her father the devastating […]

Trump just showed everyone that he doesn’t give a damn about American workers

Trump and Radical Republicans like South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds think the lives of the immigrants who work in meatpacking plants are worth less than the lives of pigs in a slaughterhouse. Rounds, who asked Trump to intervene to keep meatpacking plants open, cited farmers killing pigs rather than sending them to meat processing plants, […]

The time has come for Republicans to climb out of the Trump hellhole or be consumed by its flames

Now is the moment for elected Republicans held hostage by Donald Trump to break free. The political gun he has held to their heads, threatening to end their careers unless they cravenly bowed down, is out of bullets. Trump’s own polls show that Joe Biden will trounce him in November, prompting Trump to react behind […]

Trump administration waives Obama-era regulation meant to reduce deadly crashes by exhausted truck drivers

Jim Mullen, a former trucking company executive and lobbyist, is using the Trump pandemic that is killing thousands of people in our nation to ease safety rules intended to reduce the number of people killed by trucks. Mullen, acting administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, temporarily waived a rule requiring many drivers of […]

Here’s how we could be responding to the COVID-19 crisis instead of the bizarrely backward-looking programs we have now

No matter how welcome, the various aid programs emerging from Washington are helter-skelter and backward-looking. Sure, we should welcome the idea of aid efforts to keep workers employed by keeping companies small and large afloat — however haphazardly they are being administered. But once you get over the idea that we’re bailing out airlines and […]

There’s no guarantee a job will be waiting for you when you ‘go back to work’ — here’s why

Even before these protests have tried to take over the public stage, the widespread effects of coronavirus are already showing us that the workplace will have to change. But the changes won’t be along the lines of what those protesters are seeking – other than the patchwork approach to re-opening businesses shut down in the […]

America today suffers more than 20% unemployment — the Trump administration just hasn’t told you that yet

Here’s an awful truth our government will tell you but not for some weeks to come: as of today more than 20% of American workers are unemployed. That means more than 32 million Americans in the labor force are without work, the vast majority because of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s a conservative estimate, for reasons […]

Yale psychiatrist warns Trump will take millions down with him as his mental state disintegrates

As the most eminent mental health experts warned would happen since Donald Trump’s election, the office of the U.S. presidency has become a locus of grave psychological dysfunction.  Seldom do we see our warnings realized in real life with such recurrent, precise confirmation, as if on schedule. The president’s latest suggestion that injecting bodies with disinfectant, or irradiating […]

Here is the horrible reason why nursing homes are being unnecessarily overrun by the Trump pandemic

Former Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson, a Democrat but the CEO of a nursing home industry group, wrote Trump after the 2016 election seeking a “collaborative approach” to regulation, much like the one the Federal Aviation Administration has had with the aircraft industry. Team Trump acquiesced, rolling back fines and proposing to weaken rules for infection […]

Coronavirus Apprentice: This is what Trump is doing to us

It’s enough to drive us crazy. Immediately crazy. One day after reading a  roadmap of guidance to governors to gradually ease coronavirus orders, here was Donald Trump using Twitter in mid-day to yell LIBERATE Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia. My instant reactions only confirmed after thinking about them: Even Trump does not believe Trump. Trump certainly […]

Common ingredient in soap can lead to debilitating allergic reaction

Even washing your hands has its drawbacks. A common preservative in soaps and household cleaners is putting thousands of people are at risk of developing painful, debilitating allergies. The preservative, methylisothiazolinone, or MI, inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast and molds, and is made by Dow. It’s widely used in the U.S.—a 2016 study found […]

This chart speaks volumes about the Trump pandemic — and the Trump depression

The jobs market carnage is shown in sharp focus in the graphic below from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center in Washington. In just four weeks we have seen 22 million jobs disappear. That’s a huge number, the equivalent of the combined workforces of Georgia, Illinois, Maryland and Pennsylvania. A Federal Reserve study suggests we will […]

Trump administration empowers predatory payday lenders at ‘the worst possible time’

New unemployment claims reached 22 million on Thursday while the Trump administration is helping banks and financial institutions fleece out-of-work Americans and those who could lose their jobs because of Trump’s pandemic. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the agency set up to protect consumers but has been neutered by Trump and other financial agencies, are […]

How COVID-19 is accelerating Donald Trump and the GOP’s descent into authoritarianism

“When somebody’s the President of the United States, the authority is total.” – Donald Trump, April 13th. That Maya Angelou quote about believing people when they show you who they are gets tossed around quite a bit in reference to the 45th President of the United States, but it seems like no matter how many […]

Workers at Warren Buffett’s furniture rental company were given bad gear and dared to complain about it

Walter Infante drove into the coronavirus “containment zone” in New Rochelle, N.Y., last month to make a delivery for Cort Furniture Rental, a Warren Buffett company. Infante’s bosses back in North Bergen, N.J., insisted he had to make the delivery. They didn’t care about the National Guard-enforced quarantine or Infante’s lack of personal protection equipment. […]

Now we know the horrible truth about Trump’s so-called ‘stimulus’

A gold-plated tax giveaway infected the coronavirus relief bill that Donald Trump signed into law on March 27, Congressional Democrats complained loudly last month. The Democrats got it wrong. The plating turns out to be pure platinum. Almost 82% of the tax savings will go to the Trump-Kushner family and 43,000 of their fellow millionaire […]

‘Wannabe dictator’: Investigative journalist explains how Trump just asserted unlimited presidential power

A pair of Donald Trump tweets Monday show beyond all doubt that he has no idea what’s in our Constitution and fashions himself a Sun King on the make, a wannabe dictator. Trump asserted, wrongly, last July that thanks to our Constitution  “I have an Article II, where I have to the right to do […]

The Federal Reserve is ‘money washing’ billions of dollars to bail out corporations as it panics over Trump’s crashing economy

Money laundering is a dirty word. Shady characters move illicit wealth to make it look legitimately gained. Think “Breaking Bad,” but for embezzlers, extortionists and tax evaders as well as drug traffickers. Regulators, mostly in the U.S., fined large banks almost $10 billion over a recent 15-month period for violating anti-money laundering rules. Now we’re […]

A pandemic of greed has erupted in America in response to the coronavirus outbreak

While federal, state and local policing agencies, already burdened with support of medical emergencies, say they are being aggressive, it is difficult to determine just how effective they are about keeping up with an endless array of price-gouging efforts, out-and-out frauds and, of course, the corporate response to increased competition among states and markets to […]

Trump’s pandemic is our Cuban Missle Crisis — and he’s bungling it badly: forensic psychiatrist

This was our generation’s Cuban Missile Crisis.  But unlike in 1962, we do not have a president who can rise above his disagreeing brilliant advisers and make a superior, clear-headed decision.  We have the opposite: we have a president who is incapable of gathering competent advisers to begin with, but even if he were forced to, he […]

Trump is desperate for scapegoats after bungling America’s coronavirus response

For Donald Trump to present himself as a “winner,” there always must be a loser. It’s a basic Trump building block. The art-of-the-deal is that someone must win and therefore the other guy must lose. There seldom seems a place to acknowledge that a global pandemic makes losers of all of us or that for […]

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