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Raw Story Investigates: Join Pulitzer-Prize Driven Journalism

Raw Story Investigates: Join Pulitzer-Prize Driven Journalism

Because social justice matters.

Killing journalists is not ok. Killing journalism is no better. Online ad networks now blacklist sites that cover acts of violence against dissidents, LGBTQ people and people of color, reducing the number and quality of ad campaigns. This forces online publishers to accept more aggressive advertising formats or stop covering certain issues of social justice altogether. Because Raw Story refuses to stand down to bigotry, we receive a fraction of what other sites receive, forcing us to run more aggressive ads. Here are few “dangerous” articles flagged by ad networks.

• Grandson of civil rights icon sues over racist workplace harassment ( “Dangerous” )
• Georgia cops tackle 10-year-old black child for trying to speak to his handcuffed dad
• Syria accused of ‘systematic torture’ of thousands in Qatar-backed report (“Shocking“)
• Woman posts video of boyfriend after cop shoots him at traffic stop ( “Shocking” )
• Restaurant owner posts rant telling Maxine Waters to ‘go back to Africa’ ( “Derogatory” )
• Court orders father of slain Marine to pay anti-gay protesters’ court fees ( “Derogatory” )
• Author to Bill Moyers: Modern politics turns people into ‘the walking dead’ ( “Shocking” )

Because you don’t want censored news.

Censorship by Big Tech affects what you’re allowed to read. Your support allows unfiltered journalism. We’ve also partnered with Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston for investigative reporting. The Nation’s Joshua Holland will also deliver election reporting and a weekly podcast just for members.

Because journalism shouldn’t be corporate.

All of your membership supports journalists. Raw Story Investigates content is also available for anyone to republish online with attribution after 72 hours. Facts should be free to everyone.

Because you want your news free of ads.

As Silicon Valley giants swallow ad revenue and Web traffic, small publishers like Raw Story have been forced to employ more and more aggressive ads to survive. Help us end ad-cluttered news.

And because… there are no “alternative facts.”

Progress is built on honesty, truth, and an examination of the world as it is. We believe facts are sacred. Become part of a movement with us. Help us power progressive journalism.

We recognize you may not want to share your personal information. If you prefer to contribute by check or money order, please send payable to Raw Story to: Raw Story, PO Box 21050, Washington, D.C. 20009. Keep the light alive.

Have questions or concerns about Raw Story Investigates or ad free accounts? Email Raw Story Membership Director Elias Cunningham at [email protected]

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