Republican demands Trump tell QAnon to 'stand down' on March 4
Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol. (Tyler Merbler/Flickr)

March 4 is a day QAnon conspiracy theorists think the military will stage something that ultimately leads former President Donald Trump to power. After the Jan. 6 attack that left officials, their staff, police and the Washington, D.C. area afraid for their lives, there's concern that it will happen again on the key QAnon date.

Speaking to CNN's Jake Tapper, Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul said that former President Donald Trump has a responsibility to tell his supporters to sit March 4 out. McCaul, who sits on the House Homeland Security Committee would likely have attended a briefing about credible threats after Jan. 6 and ahead of tomorrow's possible events.

"I think President Trump has a responsibility to tell them to stand down," McCaul said. "This threat is credible. It's real. It's a right-wing militia group that believes that the original -- because the original Inaugural Day was March 4th until the 20th Amendment passed, they think this is the true Inauguration Day and that President Trump should be inaugurated tomorrow. And that is the threat we face right now."

CNN correspondent Donie O'Sullivan warned of the potential danger on Thursday, saying that "the rhetoric is getting more dangerous."

See the full interview below:

Trump has a responsibility to tell his supporters to stand down