GOP hardliner openly boasts that 'we have to use' threat of government shutdown for 'leverage'
Rep. Bob Good (R-VA)

Not even a week into officially operating the House of Representatives, Republican House members are already threatening a possible government shutdown in the fall to curb spending on a wide variety of programs from the military to anything connected to climate change.

"If we do not threaten a government shut down, we have zero leverage," Virginia Representative Bob Good told Fox News host Neil Cavuto on his show. "We have to use that leverage."

The so-called "nuclear option" is supposed to be a last-ditch political move, but Republicans they have positioned it as a necessary go-to tactic to extract spending cuts that Democrats would otherwise not agree to enact. The recently passed omnibus bill secures the budget until September. After that, Good said a government shutdown is definitely a possibility.

Republicans are projecting that they will demand deep cuts in government spending, and have even put defense spending on notice, although this could run into some opposition from members of their own party who have long supported a strong national defense budget.

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Good also told Cavuto that using government shutdowns as leverage against the Democrats would be good for the United States.

"I think we will be better for it," Good said in the interview.