Brutal St. Louis newspaper editorial pleads with Dems to save the country from GOP House 'toddlers'
Congressman Jim Jordan speaking with attendees at the 2021 AmericaFest. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

According to the editorial board of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the current Democratic majority on the House has a duty to wrap up as much business as it can before the Republicans take over in January with their slim majority planning on launching multiple investigations of the Joe Biden administration instead of dealing with the country's needs.

In a word, the editors referred to the House Republicans under possible House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as "toddlers" who will require constant supervision.

Getting right to the point, the editors wrote, "Just as it’s a good idea to child-proof a home before having toddlers over for a birthday party, congressional Democrats should be doing what they can during the current lame-duck session to prepare for the incoming Republican House majority — a crowd that has literally announced its intention to threaten America’s fiscal stability, block election reforms and abandon Ukraine."

Case in point, they wrote, are plans by Republicans to create chaos by using the debt ceiling as a "tool" to get their way.

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"Refusing to raise the debt ceiling when necessary isn’t akin to reining in spending. The spending has already happened; this is akin to refusing to pay the bills when they come due, jeopardizing economic stability domestically and globally. Congress should, right now, raise the debt ceiling enough to ensure it won’t be an issue again for at least two years, depriving [Republicans] of this particular mischief," the editors warned.

Taking up GOP threats to reduce aid to Ukraine and calling the Republican Party's seemingly siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin as "weird," they added, "many Republicans are threatening that aid — apparently having forgotten that America is supposed to stand up against tyranny and for democracy."

"Though Republicans will control the House in January, the Nov. 8 elections cannot by any stretch be read as a mandate" the editors asserted based upon the failure of Republicans to achive the "red wave" they promised at the midterms.

"Democrats who still control Congress now have not just a right but a duty to ensure that the worst instincts of the incoming majority are reined in before they’re seated," they added before concluding with a sardonic, "Let’s cover those plug sockets."

You can read the whole editorial here.

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