A shouting match broke out on "The View" Thursday when Whoopi Goldberg attacked Republicans for refusing to fight for Ukraine when Donald Trump held up aid in 2019.

"Where the hell were y'all," said Goldberg after showing a clip of Republicans posturing and praising Ukraine as even GOP voters' public opinion turns against Russia. She showed a clip of GOP members like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) all trashing Biden for his response to the crisis. Some are claiming that the response has been "too slow." It's an ironic twist given it was just a few weeks ago that Republicans were promoting Russia over Ukraine.

"I mean, I'm sorry," Goldberg began, "where were all these Republicans when the former guy in office was holding money hostage saying, we're not going to give you the money until you give me the information about [Hunter] Biden? I don't remember them being concerned at all that there was an issue, particularly when the president of Ukraine said, listen, we need this. We need to be able to defend ourselves, and he dangled. Where the hell were y'all? I don't remember you giving a good blessed [beep, beep]."

Alyssa Farah said that when that happened she was at the Pentagon working with the DOD to try and get the money and equipment to Ukraine.

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"Why was he holding it up?" asked Goldberg.

"I think that's the question that was covered in impeachment, and I think a lot of folks are looking back on the first impeachment saying, hey, I should have voted different," said Farah.

"But they didn't. You can't do it —I'm sorry," Goldberg said, pausing for colleague Ana Navarro to step in.

"Why isn't Secretary [Mike] Pompeo speaking up?" asked Navarro. "Let me tell you all the things that Trump did. There's much more he did. He spread propaganda saying Ukraine had been involved in the 2016 elections. He ousted the very well-regarded U.S. ambassador to Ukraine because of who she was and what she did. He froze military assistance to Ukraine. He withheld a White House meeting with Zelensky, based on him not playing ball with him and he turned over Ukraine policy to Rudy Giuliani."

Farah tried to interject to say that Trump isn't president anymore and there is a humanitarian crisis.

"That doesn't -- I'm sorry, you cannot stand up and say, he's -- this guy's not doing his job. He's doing what he's supposed to do," said Goldberg cutting off Farah.

"I'll tell you where they were," Navarro cut. "They were so far up Donald Trump's nostril that you will you could see was the soles of their feet."

"We have thousands of Ukrainians dying every day, and what President Zelensky is asking for, if you don't want a no-fly zone which there are good arguments for and against, he's asking for military aircraft that will allow him to enforce a no-fly zone," Farah said.

"I understand that. What I take offense at is the fact these people are suddenly all concerned now about what's happening," said Goldberg.

"How concerned are they if last Thursday 31 republicans voted against providing military aid for Ukraine?" asked Sunny Hostin. "31 Republicans. They voted to not impeach him because of his actions in Ukraine, and they — just last Thursday, Alyssa, voted against giving Ukraine aid. This is a lot of posturing by the Republican Party, and I think it's despicable, and I think it's disgusting, and I don't think you should defend it."

The argument persisted until the break. See the moment below:

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