Republicans seek to cancel local teen after being triggered by her award-winning photo of Trump sign burning

A county Republican Party in Minnesota is trying to cancel a local teenager, as well as the county fair and a local 4-H club, after the girl won a blue-ribbon award for a photo of a Trump-Pence campaign sign burning, according to a report from the Kansas City Star.

"If this is as offensive to you as it is to us, perhaps a phone call to the Fair board and/or the local 4H club is in order," the Pennington County Republicans wrote above an image of the photo on Facebook.

The party also referred to the photo as "hate-filled content" and even tagged the teen who submitted it, writing, "Did you acquire the sign legally or is it one of the dozens of signs stolen throughout the community this last fall?" before turning off comments on its post.

The local chapter of 4-H, the largest youth development organization in the country, defended the teen's work, saying she "was recognized for her technical and artistic photography skills."

"4-H has always been a place for young people to explore, learn and think for themselves," the Pennington County 4-H wrote. "4-H'ers may express their positions on a variety of topics, including social and political issues. We hope that all can agree that learning is at the core of 4-H. Beyond that, the matter is under consideration and it would not be in the best interests of 4-H to engage in a public discussion at this time."

The Pennington County Fair, meanwhile, appeared to try to distance itself from the photo.

"Due to the controversial content of a 4-H photography art exhibit at the 2021 Pennington County Fair, we understand that there has been controversy with the exhibit on social media. The Pennington County Fair Association does not support the exhibits content or appropriateness," the fair wrote on Facebook.

While most comments on the local GOP's post were negative toward the teen, some defended her.

"You guys..this is some one expressing themselves through their art. Leave this poor girl alone and get over it? You don't have to like it but it's not your choice in what people choose to represent through their artwork. Be adults and move on," one person wrote.

Pennington County voters favored president Donald Trump over President Joe Biden by a margin of 62-35, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office.