Republicans are 'no longer Americans' because they've stopped supporting democracy: Howard Dean

On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "The Beat," former Democratic Party chair Howard Dean outlined the existential threat Republicans pose to American democracy — and suggested that as long as the GOP is on this path, they cannot call themselves American at all.

"I think this is a more serious problem than what's going on in the Republican Party," said Dean. "This is a contest to see if our democracy and our country survives. And most Republicans have chosen their power and chosen not to have a democratic country. The lies that have been told, there was a Georgia congressman out there saying there was no insurrection and it was all peaceful and all this stuff. It is not just the lies that Trump won the election. It is the Republican Party that has embraced this lie."

"I think Liz Cheney deserves a lot of credit," continued Dean. "I'm sure there will be people that are horrified that I should say that. But what we need is not that we all agree on our vision of America. What we need is honesty and to stand up for core democratic principles. The Republicans have abandoned principles. McConnell has abandoned them. All the backbenchers are carrying on and people from all over the country. The vast majority do not have a spine. If you could find six spines in the Republican Party, I would say you are exaggerating."

"We need people to stand up like Liz Cheney did today," Dean added. "I could have every disagreement you would imagine on policy with Liz Cheney. But what we agree on is loyalty to the country should trump disagreements on policy. Liz Cheney exhibited that today. She's a true American, and I have to say that most politicians in the Republican Party are no longer Americans because they no longer believe in democracy."

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Former Democratic Party chairman says Republicans are unAmerican