Former GOP lawmaker sounds alarm about the 'authoritarian wing' of the party
Former Rep. Will Hurd. (CNN screenshot)

Sitting in on a CNN "State of the Union" panel on Sunday morning, former Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) tried to add some clarity regarding what to expect in the upcoming midterms elections but then issued a warning about some of his former colleagues.

With host Dana Bash asking about the influence former president Donald Trump is having with his endorsements, the former Republican lawmaker who left office in part because of clashes with Trump, cut to the chase.

"What we're seeing in Ohio, like in several other big important Republican primaries, in important states, you have a Trump-endorsed candidate, J.D. Vance and then you have others out there. This is an issue that Republicans are dealing with in real-time," host Bash prompted.

"Sure," Hurd replied. " I'm going to give you all the end of the story, okay? Some Donald Trump-endorsed candidates are going to win, some are going to lose."

That led co-panelist Bakari Sellers to quip, "That's brilliant. It's going to come down to turnout."

"So, this notion," the former GOP lawmaker continued, "It comes down to turnout: candidates matter. We love to try to nationalize elections. You were talking about those cases of people running in places like Little Rock. When you talk about the issues to people on the ground that matter, you'll be able to be successful."

"But look, you know, should some of these people that I probably would not vote for get elected? Yeah," he continued. "And the problem is going to be for Republicans, is that we're going let what I consider the authoritarian wing of the party drive the agenda after we take back the House and likely take back the Senate."

Host Bash then chipped in, "And they could lose these Senate seats. Could if they are what you call the authoritarian wing of the party."

Watch below or at this link.

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