Kentucky GOP SecState blasts Republicans for pushing Trump's 'Big Lie'
Secretary of State Michael G. Adams on Facebook.

The Republican secretary of state in Kentucky had harsh words as Republicans continue to push Donald Trump's "big lie" of election fraud.

Politico conducted interviews with 10 state chief election officials and reported, "many described how they have had to refocus their positions to battle a constant rolling boil of mis- and disinformation about election processes."

"Election officials also expressed concern at the increase of election mis- and disinformation coming from state lawmakers. Secretaries said that they were concerned that legislators and other elected officials are using their platforms to give a veneer of legitimacy to untrue claims about election systems, while also looking to introduce legislation that looks to act upon those conspiracies. 'It’s one thing if it is just some Twitter profile with an egg icon and 60 followers,' said Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, a Republican."

Adams spoke about the specific circumstances in Kentucky.

“The biggest problem I’ve got with regards to misinformation is we’ve got a sitting state senator who’s going around the state conducting a tour alleging that we’re having corrupt, hacked elections,” Adams said. “It’s not just fighting misinformation that she’s putting out to the public, it’s also finding out the misinformation that she’s putting within the legislature.”

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