GOP lawmaker snaps at CNN host as she fact-checks him on Ukraine policy
RTeps. Michael McCaul, Mike Turner (CNN screenshot)

CNN "State of the Union" fill-in host Pamela Brown received a tongue-lashing from a GOP lawmaker on Sunday morning as she tried to fact-check him about the differences between Democrats' and Republicans' positions on Russia and Ukraine.

Appearing remotely with Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) began to complain about how the Biden administration is handling Russia when Brown cut in, leading to them talking over each other, before the GOP lawmaker ranted about the questions she was asking -- particularly about Republicans who want to pull U.S. support from Ukraine.

"Pamela, none of the conversations we're having here are the kind you're asking us questions of..." Turner interrupted.

"That's good to know, tell us more about the conversation," the stunned CNN host replied.

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"Only when we're in this interview have people talked about Republicans and Democrats," he parried. "What they've asked is: is there bipartisan support? In fact, I just did a panel with [CIA] Director William Burns indicating our full bipartisan support on the intelligence side, armed services side for full support for Ukraine."

"You have a handful on both sides, both sides, Pamela, who have been cautious or said they don't support or want support to come to an end," he lectured.

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