Police chief resigns after DNA evidence resurfaces in high-profile 'Memphis Three' murder case
Crime scene tape (Shutterstock.com)

Police Chief Michael D. Pope of the West Memphis Police Department has resigned after evidence was uncovered in the West Memphis Three case. The evidence was previously thought to have been destroyed, but that argument is no longer relevant and will be DNA tested.

Online crime watch news source Arkansas Justice Project wrote, “We have received reports that the police chief of the West Memphis Police Department has resigned after someone suddenly located the evidence related to the West Memphis Three case. More importantly, they have all the ligatures. They have all the evidence. We are also calling for criminal charges for anyone involved in the coverup and obstruction, including police officers, prosecutors, judges, and whoever else was involved in this scam.”

Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. and Jason Baldwin were convicted of killing three boys during a Satanic ritual in 1993. New DNA evidence found in 2010 allowed the the three to negotiate a plea bargain and, in 2011, they left prison after entering plea bargains.

The victims were Steve Edward Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore - second graders at Weaver Elementary School. Each had achieved the rank of "Wolf" in their local Cub Scouts and were best friends at the time of their murders.