Here’s the one AZ election denier Trump does not think should be declared winner despite losing
Donald Trump campaigns in Arizona / Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump on Wednesday suggested three of the four Republican election-deniers running for key statewide offices in Arizona should be declared the victors despite voters electing Democrats in the midterms.

Voters rejected Kari Lake lost for governor, Blake Masters for Senate, Abe Hamadeh for attorney general, and state Sen. Mark Finchem for secretary of state.

On Wednesday, Trump took to his Truth Social website to call for a revote in Arizona.

"Voter fraud - DO THE ELECTION OVER, or declare Kari, Blake, Abe the winners," Trump posted. "Act Fast!!!"

Trump did not mention Finchem, the J6 attendee longtime conspiracy theorist nominated for Secretary of State.

Finchem, meanwhile, took to Twitter to claim, "We aren't talking about conspiracy theories here" with the hashtag for #Uniparty.

Less than an hour later he added, "the Uniparty gets the Ukraine money and the sweet stock insider trading deals."

Some election deniers in Arizona are planning a Black Friday rally at the state Capitol to demand a revote. The Capitol will be closed on Thursday as part of the Thanksgiving holiday.