Notorious Jan. 6 defendant got into profane exchanges with prosecutors during 'tense' cross-examination
(DOJ Photo)

Profanity was exchanged in a contentious cross-examination between federal prosecutors and Richard "Bigo" Barnett, the Arkansas window salesman who was famously photographed putting his feet up on former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's desk while storming the Capitol on January 6, POLITICO reported on Friday.

"Richard 'Bigo' Barnett, who took the stand in his own defense, grew heated with prosecutor Michael Gordon after Gordon spent hours picking apart Barnett’s story. Gordon pressed Barnett whether he believed he would get away with his actions because of his hubris. A frustrated Barnett shot back: 'I think the jury’s going to do what they want to do,'" reported Kyle Cheney. "'I’m going to suffer the consequences,' Barnett added, 'but I hope they see I didn’t break the law and acted like a f**king idiot.'"

Barnett is facing eight charges, including felony obstruction of an official proceeding and entering a restricted building with a deadly weapon.

"It was a climactic moment as a milestone Jan. 6 prosecution neared its conclusion," said the report. "Barnett’s image at the desk in Pelosi’s office became a symbol of the brazenness of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and the vulnerability of a key institution attempting to fulfill its responsibility to certify the 2020 election. The case was poised to head to the jury Friday afternoon, with a verdict likely early next week."

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Barnett has relied on a number of defenses before and during the trial. Last year, his lawyers attempted to get the judge to bar prosecutors from using words including, "terrorism," "insurrectionist," "rioter," "attack on the Capitol," "attack on democracy," "white supremacy," "police were killed" and "stun gun." His attorneys also tried to argue that he was lost and searching for a restroom at the time he invaded Pelosi's office.

In another moment at trial, prosecutors embarrassed Barnett with simple civics questions about the Bill of Rights, after he had claimed to love the Constitution.