Road-raging driver rammed ambulance and got stuck – then things went even more sideways for him: police

A Washington man has been arrested for DUI after he allegedly rammed an ambulance during a road rage incident this Monday, KREM2 reports.

According to the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office, the man “felt like the ambulance had pulled out in front of him and was now driving too slowly for his liking.”

The man reportedly rammed into the side of the ambulance and became stuck. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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Police found beer and marijuana in the man's truck and determined the man was intoxicated. He was arrested for DUI.

From the Stevens County Sheriff's Office:

On 5/16/22 a fire district 7 ambulance was headed back to the station. That is when a local man decided that he felt like the ambulance had pulled out in front of him and was now driving to slowly for his liking. When the vehicles reached an intersection the ambulance came to a stop and the driver of the second vehicle decided to confront the crew. However he did so by ramming the side of the ambulance and becoming stuck. Luckily no one was injured. It also just so happened that Deputy House drove by right as the incident was unfolding. Things then went even more sideways for the driver as upon being contacted it was observed that he had a few road sodas and some of that legal lettuce in his possession. (that’s beer and marijuana for most people) It was also determined that he had been enjoying both while driving. The driver was then arrested for DUI and processed for such. He got an all-inclusive stay at the Stevens County Jail.