Teacher fired after making disparaging comments about 'your kind' to Black student
Black students listen in class (Shutterstock)

An Ohio substitute teacher won't be returning to the classroom at Rocky River City School District after making racist comments toward a student.

A 13-year-old Black student said the teacher told him "she's been around my kind" and "she knows how we act," which the teen perceived as racist, and other students confirmed his account, reported WJW-TV.

“I was shocked. She didn’t see a person that day. She saw a person with brown skin and she decided to call him out on that,” said the boy's mother Janet Lloyd.

The teacher, who worked for an outside agency, was pulled from the classroom and won't be returning, but Lloyd wants other parents to know what happened to her son.

“I’m grateful she’s not coming back, but where is she now?" Lloyd said. "Someone needs to keep up with this to find out where she’s going, so it doesn’t happen to another student."

The teacher admitted to making "mean and making inappropriate comments" but said she was referring to the teen behaving like a class clown, according to school officials. Other students disagreed.

"The substitute teacher was immediately escorted off school grounds and has been officially excluded from working as a substitute teacher within the district," school officials said in a statement.