WATCH: Roger Stone dances to hip-hop pushing the 'Big Lie' outside CPAC

Longtime Donald Trump advisor and convicted felon Roger Stone put on a show outside the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday.

Wearing a tie, a shirt with French cuffs and sunglasses, the notorious GOP political operative played the role of a backup dancer in a rap video as he wiggled to a hip hop song praising the Capitol insurrectionists as "patriots."

"Who won? Trump won," the artist sang in front of a pick-up truck emblazoned with a photoshopped image depicting the former president as Rambo.

"Who won? Trump won," the artist repeated, pushing the "Big Lie" that incited the fatal January 6th insurrection. "Patriots coming up, knocking on the Capitol."

Stone then said something about critics who say he can't dance before raising both hands above his head for the Nixon double-V salute he often flashes.

Stone's celebration of the "Big Lie" came as he is facing increased scrutiny for his role in efforts to overturn the election.