'Wait your turn': DeSantis protested by Trump supporters at New York book signing
Governor Ron DeSantis on Facebook.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came to Long Island, New York, to sign books Saturday – and was met by Trump supporters.

Kristin Thorne, a WABC Channel 7 reporter, posted two Tweets with video: The first showed pro-Trump supporters arriving at the event, while the second was captioned “Oh boy. Things are heating up. Trump supporters vs DeSantis supporters.”

Aside from some shouting, there was no physical confrontation seen in the video. But if Trump supporters wanted to make themselves known at DeSantis’ expense, they succeeded, albeit mildly.

There was this from CBS New York: “Some Trump supporters were outside the museum Saturday to protest DeSantis, waving flags and signs that read “DeSantis go home” and driving a caravan through the parking lot.”

“We’re supporting the fact that Donald Trump should be our next president in 2024, not Ron DeSantis. It’s not his time,” Joanne Wong said.

“Ron DeSantis 2028. Jump on the train, but wait your turn,” another Trump supporter said.

Many said they also support DeSantis, but they want to see Trump get re-elected first.

The speech itself was less confrontational, Thorne Tweeted.

“DeSantis talks Trump without talking Trump. He blasted Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to which he got a standing ovation.”