'Cringe level grifting': QAnon's alleged mastermind selling Trump retweets
HBO screenshot via Youtube

The suspected mastermind behind the QAnon conspiracy theory is selling non-fungible tokens of his old tweets to raise money for another project.

Ron Watkins, who previously helped operate the 8chan and 8kun message boards where QAnon first took root, is selling five NFTs of his Twitter posts that were retweeted by Donald Trump to fund his "Digital Bill of Rights" campaign, reported Yahoo News.

"If you are planning to attend peaceful protests in DC on the 6th, I recommend wearing a body camera," reads one tweet, posted Jan. 3. "The more video angles of that day the better."

Watkins and Trump were both removed from Twitter a few days later, after the Jan. 6 insurrection, and Watkins later resigned from 8kun and is currently engaged in a project intended to protect digital rights from being "trampled over by a big fascist government boot."

"For weeks I have been working in secret on drafting a Digital Bill of Rights, and I now need to hire legal and philosophy experts to review the document to make sure it is written to the highest standards," Wakins told VICE News. "The ultimate goal is to create a Digital Bill of Rights that will be comparable to the Constitution and the first 10 amendments."

The top bid for Watkins' NFTs currently sits at $692.59, which doesn't meet the undisclosed reserve price.

"If I wanted to see the tweet, I can do so for free lol," posted one follower wrote on Telegram, where Watkins has a large following. "NFTs are max cringe level grifting, dumbest concept I've ever heard of."