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Sarah Palin uses her CPAC speech for a shout-out to the libs at 'MS-LSD'

We’ve been fans of alicublog writer Roy Edroso for years. Is there anyone who understands the angst of conservatives better than Roy? He’s our man on the ground at CPAC — Ed.

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Spoiler alert: Downton Abbey is a waste of America's precious TV time

In the opinion of one transplanted Brit, it's a soap opera as inept as any other - and it doesn't live up to the new U.S. standard

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America -- but not Americans -- leads world in science

Most Americans are not good with Science, but most of them admire scientists, according to a new survey conducted by the National Science Foundation. More than 90 percent of Americans agree that scientists “are helping to solve challenging problems…

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Gallup asks how America is doing and finds stark racial differences

Gallup released an interesting finding today: white Americans’ views of the country’s current standing are decidedly gloomy, but people of color are significantly more optimistic. (The usual caveat that one shouldn’t read too much into the findings…

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