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Cardinal defending Hobby Lobby tells female reporter: Women can get birth control at 7-11

Cardinal Timothy Dolan says that Christian businesses like Hobby Lobby should not be forced to obey government rules that require all health care insurance plans provide access to contraceptives because women can already buy birth control at 7-11.

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Jon Stewart rips Hobby Lobby: 'Corporations aren’t just people; they’re ill-informed people'

Jon Stewart blasted the argument Wednesday night by conservatives that corporations should be allowed to enjoy the same religious freedoms as human beings.

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Fox legal analyst: Obama's contraception rule forces Hobby Lobby to cover 'euthanasia'

Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano on Monday told viewers that religious people objected to President Barack Obama's rules about insurance companies covering contraception for women because it also included "euthanasia."

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The Hobby Lobby Lawsuit Is A Trojan Horse

You have to hand to right wing pundits. They kick ass at the bait-and-switch, particularly with their own people. They knew that throwing a major fit over the contraception mandate, no matter how much it's dressed up in "religious freedom" as an excuse, would be understood by their followers as an attack on stupid sluts looking for a handout who just need to keep their legs closed. And that their people would not think one whit further about the implications of allowing your employer to tailor your compensation for your labor to his religious beliefs. But the Hobby Lobby case that's going in front of the Supreme Court will not be argued on the grounds of whether or not stupid sluts need to keep their legs closed. It's going to be argued on the grounds that a business can have a "religion"---which can contain any beliefs they want---and that they have wide berth to use that "religion" to discriminate against their employees. Maybe it will be limited to compensation, or maybe it will be bigger than that. After all, if they're allowed to withhold benefits because they disapprove of your private life, then what else will they be able to do? Refuse to hire women at all?

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Christian-owned Hobby Lobby doesn't stock Hanukkah or other Jewish-themed merchandise

A national craft store chain is reexamining its holiday merchandise selection after a blogger reported it didn’t stock items for Hanukkah or other Jewish holidays and events.

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Federal appeals court could still overturn Obamacare birth control mandate

A federal appeals court on Thursday ruled that the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is violating the religious freedom of private companies by obligating their insurers to cover the cost of birth control for women policyholders. According to NBC News, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver ruled that Christian-owned business The Hobby Lobby and its subsidiary, Mardel Stores are not liable for the fines they incurred by violating the birth control statute in the ACA.

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